Prague University has a department of Ayur-Yoga, which conduct course of  the Meditation. The department  has been working on simple explanation of  the original yoga literature for European readers. Five yoga texts have selected, which are 1. Patanjali Yoga Sutra, 2. Gheranda Samhita, 3. Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 4. Yoga Vashistha, and 5. Samkhya darshan.

Final destination of all yoga practice is the deep meditation.
Just to understand the technique of meditation, Our university organizes
two days Meditation course. There is fixed dated for the course in czech language, but it can be organised in English on demand.

Two-day course Meditation in Daily Life includes:
1. What is meditation
2. Preparation for meditation and meaning of Ishtadéva
3. Physiological Preparation for meditation – Mudra, Bandha and pranayama
4. Strengthening of will – Pratyahara
5. Practical to work on power of decision – dharana
6. Different techniques for meditation – Dhyana

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